Welcome To The Future Part 2

July 10, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

Welcome To The Future Mitch Taylor Taylored SalesWho are you investing in? Yes, you should invest in yourself. You should invest in gear to keep up maintenance, ensure your stuff looks clean and presentable to your clients. Who are you investing in to help you shape the future?

I know of a few other DJs who have invested in the younger generation and it’s paid off in dividends for them. I know of others where they have gotten burned by previous hires not panning out, leaving sooner than they should of, or frankly just burning a bridge. Myself I probably fall somewhere in the middle but I still believe the veterans of our industry have an obligation to help shape future DJs knowledge of the business both inside and outside of your company.

I do recommend having your talent attend the same workshops that you attend as a Master of Ceremonies or DJ. Why? If you come back and then disseminate what you learned, now your protégé’s getting a watered down version and your perception of the content, not getting the information from the source directly of who trained you. It’s like the game of telephone, things are lost in translation and what you heard and what they get could be two completely different things.

It’s important for us to invest in the future and teach the younger generation of DJs who are coming up the proper ways of handling an event, being a Master of Ceremonies, creating a flawless mix and the behind the scenes of your company so they can grow into a space and potentially take over for you in retirement when it’s time to sell the business.  Next week we’ll continue with Part 3 of Welcome To The Future.


Meet Mitch Taylor: A Jeffrey Gitomer Licensed Trainer and a member of the National Speakers Association, Mitch has impacted thousands over the course of his career, through interactive workshop instruction, sales mentoring, educational podcasts & personal coaching.

Mitch Taylor Gitomer Licensed Trainer Taylored Sales

Mitch is the author of the book SALES 4 Event Pros, and has written articles for several industry publications including Promo Only, DJNews, and Mobile Beat. Mitch regularly hosts #LiveAt755, your Daily Motivational Kick Start every weekday at 7:55am on his Facebook Feed. To get yours go to Facebook.com/MitchTaylor.

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