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March 25, 2008 by Jim Weisz

Keeping your website freshThis is the perfect time of year to take a look at your website and see what needs to be changed, updated, etc. There are a lot of engagements around the holidays and again in February around Valentine’s Day so making sure your website is current is a good idea. Take some time to read through every page (reading it out loud is your best bet so you can hear how it sounds) and make any needed changes. Even if everything sounds good to you it’s not a bad idea to re-work some of the copy on your website to keep it fresh.

If you have testimonials on your website from past clients this is also a great time to post new quotes or acquire some new quotes by contacting past clients. Be sure to ask for permission from clients to use their quote and name on your website/in your marketing materials. In almost 8 years of DJing I’ve never had anyone say I couldn’t use their quote/name but it’s still best to ask. I ask for permission with a question on my post-event survey.

Pictures are often overlooked when people make updates to their but it’s one of the easiest updates you can make. If you have a photographer you work with a lot ask for permission to use some of their pictures on your website. Let them know you’ll give them credit and put a link to their website and more than likely they’ll be happy to give you some great shots.

My opinion is you should be updating your website a minimum of once per quarter, however if you can update it more that’s even better. There’s a good chance prospective clients check out your website and your competitors websites a couple times before choosing a DJ. So, if they go to your website and see new content every time you’ll stand-out from the competition.

Finally, this is a great time to finally get rid of any cheesy gifs/animated images you have on your website, remove music that automatically starts and either update or take down any pages that say “Under construction” or “Coming soon.”

Website reviews

Have a website you want reviewed? E-mail it to and I’ll review it in an upcoming column here on Your website review may even make it into an upcoming issue of Mobile Beat magazine!

The first website this week is:

Good URL-that will help with search engine positioning.
Nice, fun design. Overall the design to me appeals to private parties, schools or clubs. If that’s your target market, it’s doing a good job.
Availability checker on the bottom of the home page (why not also on the packages pages?).

Nice links to your pages right at the top of the page.

Phone number & location is front & center.

Drop the music or allow the visitor to start the music on their own. Why? What if someone’s enjoying a song they like on their computer, possibly with the volume up a bit and then your website music starts playing over their music? They may hit back on their browser and go to the next website. Or they’re at work researching their wedding and the music on your website just got them busted.

You have a lot of stock photos on your website but nothing that looks like it’s from one of your events-how about a page with pictures from your events?

What about company history/DJ bios? With the website you’re just another company, but with bios & pictures of DJs it adds a human element.

There’s something to be said for a simple website with not too much text, however I don’t think you have enough text. It’s basically the list of your packages. I would add another page or two-testimonials, company history/bios, pictures-all could be added to your website.
The next site is:

Good, comprehensive FAQ page.

Drop the music-see above review for more info on why.

Drop the flash intro-no need for it.

I think your pages are very long since you have the English & then Spanish text below it. Is there any way you could have it default to the English version at the top of every page put a small button that says something that would let people know they could click it for a Spanish version? So you would essentially have a whole website in English and then another website in Spanish.

It’s ‘copyright’ not ‘copywrite’ as you have at the bottom of your pages.

You have a lot of text at the bottom of your pages for the search engines.

Drop the music page and instead put up a music search tool.

You have e-mail addresses for quite a few past clients on your website. They are probably getting a ton of spam e-mail because of that. You should remove them and send to people as they request them.

You should do a spell-check on your website-I came across quite a few misspellings.

Many of your pictures are very blurry. Fix them so they’re clear.
You say on your website you only take MC & Visa but you have an image that rotates between all the credit cards, including Amex & Discover.
Jim Weisz has been a DJ since 1999, primarily serving the wedding and school dance markets. Jim is originally from Chicago and lived there until relocating to Dallas in 2003 to take a position with JonesTM (formerly TM Century). Jim has spoken at several DJ conventions about websites and has also written more than a dozen articles for Mobile Beat magazine about websites and a variety of other topics. Jim can be reached at

Jim Weisz Jim Weisz (23 Posts)

Jim Weisz has been DJing since 1999, primarily serving the wedding and school dance markets. Jim is originally from Chicago and lived there until relocating to Dallas in 2003 to take a position with TM Studios (formerly TM Century). Jim has spoken at numerous DJ conventions about websites and marketing online and has also written dozens of articles for Mobile Beat magazine about websites and a variety of other topics. Jim can be reached at

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