Wedding Reception Emergency Kit By: Diana McKinney

April 8, 2008 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

For many mobile DJs, part of building their reputation in their market is the willingness to go the extra mile. This generally means being more service oriented and taking care of details that would not typically be seen as disc jockey responsibilities. One way to do this is to borrow the Boy Scout’s Motto, “Be prepared.” Wouldn’t it be nice if every wedding turned out perfectly every time? Alas, it is not meant to be; but you can look like a true hero (heroine) if you just happen to have the following items with you at all times.
Health Aidsantacid/ Pepto-Bismol or other antacid/upset stomach aid *
antihistamine, cold remedy *
aspirin, or Naproxen or ibuprofen or Tylenol*
Band-Aids or other adhesive bandage strips
Calamine lotion
chocolate bar (for diabetics or for DJs if they don’t feed you and you didn’t have time to grab a burger on the way to the wedding)
cough drops
dental floss
eyedrops/artificial tears
hard candy (better than medicinal scent of cough-drops)
smelling salts
sun screen
toothpaste and an extra toothbrush (brand new of course)
*Medical Stuff to have but use with great discretion

Beauty Aids

aftershave (sample sizes)
baby powder (also works great for spills on a white dress–just dab with water and then baby powder)
bobby pins
breath mints/mouth wash
brush and comb (sterile of course)
cleansing cream
clear nail polish (great for runs in hose also!)
cotton balls &/or swabs
dusting powder for before pictures are taken (especially helpful on those hot summer events)
hair dryer (not just for hair, also is good for drying fabric from stain removal
hair spray
hand lotion
hand towel (put them around the neck when doing makeup to avoid stains)
Kleenex or other facial tissue
lint brush, the sticky roll is best (someone said it even takes makeup off of tuxes!)
lip balm such as Chap Stick or Carmex
makeup & lipstick (get a bunch of samples from Avon or Mary Kay; if you know a rep well she might be willing to sell you samples at the price she pays for them, tell her that it’ll be great PR. The nice thing about the samples is the individual packaging)
makeup remover for face and for clothes
mirror (a small hand mirror)
moisturizer (samples, samples, samples)
nail clippers, file, emery board
perfume (again, samples are great!)
safety pins
shoe polish

bathroom tissue (yes, it has come in handy)
bug spray
clear tape (in 1 inch and 3 inch sizes)
corsage pins (these often get lost!)
disposable camera (great for getting shots after the photographer has left or in the case of equipment damage)
duct tape (for everything including hems)
emergency phone numbers:
local taxi services
caterers (you never know when a food emergency may occur)
cake bakers (proven to be fragile when moved!)
flash light
floral tape ( both green and white, can be used to put together a quick throw bouquet)
generic garter (for groom to toss)
knife and server for cake cutting and serving (yep, used them too)
matches or lighter
paper cups
paper towels
pencils and pens (great place for the company name)
self-stick Velcro pads
sewing kit & small scissors
shoe laces (black for men, white for ladies)
shopping bag
small pad of paper (with your company name on it?)
smelling salts
stain remover
static cling remover
tool assortment (those things you’ve come to depend on for setting up & for emergency repairs)
Most male DJs would probably not be made aware if a bride had need of some of the more personal items in the emergency kit. This problem can be overcome by providing a list of the items in your emergency kit to the maid of honor when she arrives at the wedding.

If you perform at many outdoor functions or at facilities that cause you to do much highway traveling you may want to consider getting a cell phone as part of your own personal “emergency kit”.

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