Wedding MBA Recap

October 13, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro

Hopefullwedding-mbay, we can all agree that the best way to grow your business is to constantly keep learning. I try to attend as many different conferences and seminars as I can. My wife and I recently attended the Wedding MBA in Vegas hosted by Wedding Wire and the Knot. This conference is open to professionals from all aspects of the wedding industry and creates a forum for cross education and networking. The Wedding MBA had over 150 seminars on every aspect of the wedding business. The main theme this year was centered on SEO, social media marketing and branding.

The seminars started at 8 am and ran almost until 6 pm each day. My brain was on overload by Wednesday from all the info. The Disc Jockey portion featured great new material from Mike Walters, Randy Bartlett, Ron Ruth and KC Kokoruz to name a few. Randy provided some new insights on transitions and Mike Walters taught us that music programming is like making love. Trust me, you just have to see the presentation. The opportunity to speak with the presenters individually and have lunch with them was priceless.

My wife attended the photobooth portion of the program and learned much from Scott Favor and Sid Vanderpool. The seminars covered marketing, props, albums, pricing and service.The nuggets on how to make your booths earn $50 grand or more a year were well worth the ticket price. The biggest take away from the photo booth seminars was this: Stop being a DJ company that rents photo booths. Make the booth portion of your business a separate entity.

The most impressive seminars to me were those given by Sonny Ganguly CEO of google-phone-xlWedding Wire. Sonny is a super tech wiz and has a keen eye for trends. His five year predictions for millennial marketing and where the tech industry is going were mind blowing. Sonny covered everything from Drone delivery systems to social media platforms to which new phone you should buy. His top picks: the new Google phone XL or the Iphone 7 (Samsung Galaxy was a top choice as well). Sonny’s main message: Make sure your website is 100% mobile ready.

Business is constantly changing and to remain successful and relevant you have to keep learning. Attend every conference and seminar you can. Especially Mobile Beat. The nuggets you get at each conference will put you light years ahead of your know it all so I don’t have to go competitors. I have already made some big changes in my company based on what I learned at the Wedding MBA. I can’t wait for March to experience MBLV21 as a VIP. Oh yeah, get those VIP passes now. They are selling like jelly beans on Easter!

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