Wedding Marketing Strategies by Terry Lewis #1

July 2, 2018 by Terry Lewis

Google Organic Listings

Google is the world’s favourite search engine, it’s where most internet savvy, higher paying brides and grooms go to find the suppliers they need for a fantastic wedding. If you cannot be found quickly on Google, you will be leaving money on the table for your competitors to scoop up.

Make it your goal to organically dominate the first page of Google (and other popular search engines like Yahoo) for the keywords you want to be found for. Do not be discouraged by people who tell you ‘It can’t be done’. I’m here to tell you that it can and has been done by others, remember, what one man or woman has done another man or woman can do – but it does require persistent action. So let me give you some examples. My dear friend Hollie Kamel set up a wedding singer business and knew the importance of a top ranking. She diligently studied and applied white hat SEO and social media strategies and in just 9 months, went from being nowhere to oscillating through positions 1-3 on the first page of Google for the keyword search terms she wanted to be found for.

Never let the words of others fix a false ceiling above your head, constantly breakthrough. If your Google position sucks, and you don’t have the time or skills to SEO your website, hire an expert with a proven track record to do it for you and aim for the top spot. Someone has to dominate, and that person has to be you.

Let me share with you two personal experiences. Prior to finding my place in the wedding industry, I ran a salsa promotions company called Salsa Chillout and through the long-term application of white hat strategies under the guidance of a SEO expert, our company dominated the first page of Google for the search terms we wanted to be found for: ‘Salsa in Essex’, ‘Salsa lessons in Essex’, and ‘Salsa dance shoes’. In fact, the SEO techniques for the dance shoe arm of our company was so effective, we out-ranked the company brands whose shoes we sold!

I also helped set up Mwah! Catering, a Caribbean wedding catering company and got it ranked number one for the search term ‘Caribbean wedding catering’. The spin-off allowed us to work alongside TV celebrity chef Levi Roots at the Notting Hill Carnival, and to go on to serve a host of household named celebrities. 

Do the same for your wedding business, out-rank your competitors, soar above them on Google, and dominate your ground if you want to get a stream of online enquiries. 

Having a brilliant website that adds value, solves the problems of brides and grooms, and ranks highly on Google is a solution you should crave. It’s a surefire way to install a pipeline pumping higher paying brides into your phone or computer.


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