Wedding Marketing Strategies by Terry Lewis #2

July 9, 2018 by Terry Lewis

Google – Paid listing 

As you go through the process of optimising your site with the intent to dominate the first page of Google, please don’t just sit there waiting for the paint to dry, because you will be waiting for months. In the interim, start a Google Ads campaign for instant first page results. By way of a simplistic overview, you will appear in the Google Ads section on the page listings for the search terms you want to be found for (and charged accordingly). At the time of writing a paid advert will appear in the listings above the organic results, they are also clearly distinguished from the organic results. It is most likely that your advert will oscillate through the listings so if it’s listed in position 5 today it could for example rank number 3 or 9 tomorrow.

This is precisely what I did at a time when one of my websites was organically listed on page 5 or 6 of Google; a ranking that made me practically invisible to my target audience and if you rank organically on a page other than 1 or 2 on Google (and other search engines) don’t kid yourself, you are practically invisible as well. Why? Well, think about the way you surf the net. You flit from one site to the next hunting for the one that you like and confidently solves your problem. Extensive research suggests that you have just 8 seconds to capture the attention of your surfer before they are gone forever. Internet surfers flick and scan sites and make decisions in seconds, so know this; you are less likely to attract and book higher paying brides if your content repels, or if you are ranked on anything other than page 1 or 2 either organically or paid for. When allocating your marketing budget, Google Ads should be high up merely because of the volume of targeted brides and grooms you can be put in front of 24/7. 

Failing to employ a high ranking strategy on Google, either organically or paid for, is like choosing to go to war against your competitors with bows and arrows as opposed to using today’s latest technologically advanced weaponry. If you are serious about being in business, make it your business to obtain high rankings on Google and Yahoo and create a marketing pipeline that works for you every 86,400 seconds of every day.

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