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August 14, 2008 by Andy Ebon

I have spent much of the last five weeks traveling, and presenting at conferences in Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia.

Last night I gave a presentation here, in Las Vegas, on New Social Media, to the Convention Services Association – Las Vegas. Now, it’s my turn to feed my own brain.

Today through Saturday, I’m attending the New Media Expo (which just happens to be in my home town) to increase my knowledge about podcasting (primarily) 10-fold.

I shall report back on some of the things I learn. It may be that I’m only one or two pieces of information and some definitive action from my next major marketing breakthrough.

Come along for the ride.

My next step in my efforts in Wedding Marketing is to launch Wedding Marketing Radio, a series of audio-podcasts to accompany The Wedding Marketing Blog. There is a ton information here, at the expo, on both audio and video podcasting, from every perspective: technical, marketing, community, etc.,.

Have you fed your brain lately?

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