Wedding Horror Story: You’re Better Than the Last Guy

June 1, 2016 by Tony Barthel

Sometimes guests get on the fast track for wedding receptions and, it seems, they spend their whole summer going to one reception after another. Such was the case with a guest who came up to me and told me how much better I was than the DJ at the last reception they had attended.
While I was certainly flattered, I had to ask why this was the case. I’m always trying to improve and I can learn from any situation.

It seems that the DJ at the wedding the guest was talking about was so busy making out with one of the guests at the wedding that he allowed the music to stop several times before the father of the bride went over to him and threatened him.

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Anthony (Tony) Barthel has been a DJ since 1986 with a unique take on marketing that has resulted in over 1,000 events personally performed. In that time Tony’s weird sense of humor and unique perspective on the world got him started collecting these stories and sharing them with friends and other wedding professionals. Born in Baden, Switzerland Tony celebrates the unusual and outlandish as part of his lifestyle. He was married to Peggy Sue in 2005 in what his friends describe as the most unusual wedding ceremony and reception they’ve ever been to. The ceremony was in a 1928 movie theater complete with giant Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ and the reception lasted for two days including a gathering in an ocean side lagoon with 400 of their closest friends.

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