Wedding Horror Story: Where Is That Maid of Dishonor

October 5, 2016 by Mobile Beat

In my mind every DJ in the world has a plan, prepares each portion of the WeddingHorrorwedding in advance and has all the players in any particular event lined-up and ready to go on cue. This makes a wedding go more smoothly and allows each member of any particular activity the freedom to be themselves and not worry about the next stage until they are actually involved in it.

Several guests at a wedding I was performing at felt compelled to tell me about another wedding they had been to with many of the same family members and friends. As a DJ we spot certain people early on that might be essential to future activities. For example, you can spot the party people near the beginning of an event so that you can instigate them later to get others dancing.

One such party person could be described as a lively young lady who truly enjoyed being around men who were well dressed. It was apparent to me that she enjoyed the attention they paid her in her rather petite outfit and she was the subject of what these guests wanted to share with me.

At this last wedding she happened to be the maid of honor, or dishonor if you will. That DJ didn’t believe in having all his ducks in a row before any particular event so when the best man’s speech concluded, this young lady’s turn at the mic was next. It wasn’t apparent to the DJ that she was not at the head table until he announced her speech and she wasn’t there to deliver it.

Of course, upon hearing the DJ announce that she was to speak two young female guests went in the direction they had seen her last go which, in this case, happened to be a room set-up for the bride to change in. This room was just adjacent to the main room and became visible to all the guests when the two young ladies opened the door. It became apparent to all the guests that she was in fact, in there.

She happened to be with one of the other guests, a handsome gentleman who was in the process of getting caught with his pants down. Literally. Apparently our maid of honor was very concerned and was poised for a close-up of the situation. This didn’t escape the gentleman’s female guest, who immediately flew into action to assist in some way. Or, maybe she meant something else when she screamed, “I’m going to kill you, you mother…”

Since our maid of honor already was known for behavior of this nature, it apparently didn’t have much affect on the wedding’s outcome other than to provide an amazing story about one of the guests at the next wedding, where I happened to be the DJ.

At least our maid of honor didn’t blow her speech.

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