Wedding Horror Story: Was That On The Mic?

September 7, 2016 by Tony Barthel

Like most forms of technology, wireless microphones have evolved to become WeddingHorrorbetter and better. The combination of technologies that it takes to make a microphone wireless have resulted in better range to be sure, but the real advantage is the ability to choose from a wide number of channels that the wireless mic operates on. For example, if a DJ arrives at a venue and discovers another DJ in the adjacent room with the same wireless mic, it’s very easy to simply change the channel and avoid any conflicts.

Such was not the case in the past where I happened to have purchased a brand new wireless mic that was the same as the one a friend of mine purchased. In fact, it was on his recommendation that I purchase the new mic and so I thought it funny that we were working in adjacent rooms on a fine Saturday afternoon.

In my case, I was working at a wedding reception but my friend was the DJ for a church banquet. I noticed him all set up and ready to go and so I took the chance that he had left his mic receiver on and the mixer set to broadcast what was being said and I got on my mic and said something like, “Hi, I’m DJ XXX and I’m a really sexy guy.”

Naturally he was shocked when this came out of his system at full volume and after he figured out what had happened, he came over and read me the riot act about the impropriety I had just committed. Still, his party was only in the set-up phase so nobody was offended other than he.

Still, we both agreed to be more careful and keep an eye on the “receiver” light that indicated that the mic transmitter was on and an announcement was forthcoming. This way, we both could use the wireless mic and still respect the others’ function.

At least that was the plan. I had stepped away from my DJ station to speak with the groom’s new wife about something and while I was away the groom came up to the mic, flipped it on and proclaimed, “I hope you mother f***ckers are having a great f***cking time – this wedding rocks. F**k yeah!”

There was no time for my friend to react in the adjacent room, but apparently his long-standing good relationship with the church group was ruined. I’m sure he’s very thankful for newer microphone technology but, to this day, I never leave my wireless mic sitting on my DJ console unattended.

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