Wedding Horror Story: Toasts

September 14, 2016 by Tony Barthel

Somewhere in the past the tradition of toasting the bride and groom started. I’m sure some statesman eloquently evoked the emotion shared by the bride and groom and caused feelings of warmth, love and caring in each guests’ heart. As champagne was shared these statesmen created a unity in the guests that was a tribute to their ability to write and deliver a speech.

Not wanting to be outdone, Mr. and Mrs. Everybody Else decided that they, too, should have someone share their feelings with the audience and as time marched on the toast became part of the wedding tradition.

In today’s world almost every wedding has a toast and, more often than not, they are less than memorable. In my opinion, part of the reason for this is that Americans hate speaking in public. In fact, in a recent poll they said that they hated speaking in public more than they hated the thought of dieing. Maybe they’ve seen a lot of best man’s speeches.

To be fair, I’ve seen many wonderful speeches pulled off in this setting as well. Some of these reflected the brilliance of the speaker, but others just reflected a well done Internet search for speeches and a delivery that wasn’t bad. These speeches are good despite their lacking original material.

In fact one of the better stolen speeches I’ve heard was nothing more than the best man relaying the process of his Internet search. This turned out to be funny, touching, memorable and both he and the guests enjoyed it.

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