Wedding Horror Story: Steppin Out For A Drink

March 29, 2017 by Tony Barthel

One of the DJs I spoke with cited an event near the beginning of a long career at a venue that was otherwise plain vanilla, but featured an incredible winding stair case which was the perfect setting for a grand entrance by the wedding party. WeddingHorror
It’s almost universal that as DJs spend time in this business they learn things that become very valuable lessons. For example, one of those lessons is to spend time getting to know the bride and groom and some of their wedding party. This little step makes an incredible difference in the performance a DJ is able to give.

In this case, as the bride and groom elegantly came down the stairs the difference this simple step would have made would have been for our DJ to actually announce them with the proper name. For whatever reason, he completely botched the entrance by announcing names of nobody in the room, and particularly not in the bride and groom.

He doesn’t know where the name came from, but he used the wrong name. He thought that the evening couldn’t get worse than this. He thought he wouldn’t get paid after that. This was one of those moments that the DJ just wants to run and hide and never spin another tune again. How could it get worse?

Well, for the DJ it didn’t but for the bride there was another story. After dinner the groom left with all of his friends and went to a bar. Not the one in the banquet room, but one off the venue’s property. And they made this decision without sharing it with anybody, particularly not the bride. These gentlemen didn’t return until the end of the night at which point most of the guests had already left. After all, they realized there was nothing happening with a critical member of the wedding party missing.

If you think the bride was furious about this stunt, she had nothing on her mom. This lady spent most of the reception running up and down those beautiful stairs looking for the cad who had married her daughter. Yet despite her trips, she never located him until the end. That’s when the boys returned after several hours of drinking and had no idea what they were facing.

While our DJ friend doesn’t know what was said to the groom, he does know that the bride and her mother each grabbed an ear of this guy and hustled him into the kitchen, where their anger could be heard from outside the door.

By the end of the event, the incident with the name wasn’t even a factor and our DJ friend got paid after all. Our DJ also learned the value of personalized service to the couple including getting to know them and their names.

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Anthony (Tony) Barthel has been a DJ since 1986 with a unique take on marketing that has resulted in over 1,000 events personally performed. In that time Tony’s weird sense of humor and unique perspective on the world got him started collecting these stories and sharing them with friends and other wedding professionals. Born in Baden, Switzerland Tony celebrates the unusual and outlandish as part of his lifestyle. He was married to Peggy Sue in 2005 in what his friends describe as the most unusual wedding ceremony and reception they’ve ever been to. The ceremony was in a 1928 movie theater complete with giant Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ and the reception lasted for two days including a gathering in an ocean side lagoon with 400 of their closest friends.

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