Wedding Horror Story: Pass The Potatoes Please

June 29, 2016 by Tony Barthel

Ron Ruth of Ron Ruth Weddings in Blue Springs Missouri was just at the start of his WeddingHorrorcareer as a mobile DJ when he faced one of the challenges no DJ, party guest or other vendor wishes to face.

After the bride and groom had a glorious grand entrance and the best man celebrated them with a brilliant toast it was time to enjoy the meal. Being a buffet, Ron released the wedding party and then the immediate family to enjoy the meal they had been planning for so long.

It is customary to invite older guests, particularly grandparents, to a celebration such as a wedding and it’s something they really look forward to. If your days are not as full as they were in your working years, a wedding celebration is an exciting change of pace for some of our more senior citizens. Heck, it’s something everyone can look forward to.

But nobody saw this coming because the bride’s grandfather had a heart attack and fell right into his mashed potatoes. This is when your mind goes racing as a DJ or a guest and Ron quickly lowered the volume on the music as the first step. Fortunately, one of the guests at the wedding was an experienced nurse and while someone went to get emergency help the nurse began giving CPR to this ailing guest.

Of course the bride was beside herself and her groom was helpless to do anything other than offer a shoulder. The entire celebration came to a dead stop while the nurse did what she could and finally the EMTs arrived with more tools and equipment.

They were able to resuscitate the guest and get him off to a hospital but the near-death experience essentially killed the party. None of the guests really felt like celebrating after seeing one of the family there on the floor as the nurse and EMTs worked on him. Furthermore, all the guests were really concerned about the family patriarch and the tension in the room could be cut with a knife.

Mean while, the caterer came over to Ron and said, “you’ve got to do something to bring this party back up again. Do something.”

Ron’s response was quite immediate. “Why don’t you go back to the kitchen and cook and leave me to do my job.”

While the bride and groom did go through the motions of their first dance, the remainder of the wedding was more about waiting for word from the hospital to see if grandpa was going to be okay.

Fortunately, about two hours later one of the aunts called from the hospital to report that he would, in fact, survive the incident with the mashed potatoes. Still, it was too late and that call was more a signal that all the guests leave the event and return home to their lives, happy that grandpa had survived.

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