Wedding Horror Story: Nice Trip See You Next Fall

November 30, 2016 by Tony Barthel

This was another one that was relayed from the source of my “tooth” story a bit earlier. It seems that a videographer was hired to capture a wedding reception and was in the process of recording the cake cutting ceremony when calamity struck.

In the days when video cameras began making appearances at weddings battery technology was not as advanced as it is today so it was not uncommon for videographers to have long, long extension cords laying about so that they could power their cameras.

Wedding guests are notorious among wedding professionals as being focused on everything but where their feet are landing so it was no surprise that a guest tripped on the videographer’s extension cords.

What was unfortunate is that it sent the camera and its tripod tumbling toward the cake which, in turn, dominoed its way right onto the bride and groom, leaving them covered in their dessert. Thankfully today’s video cameras run just fine on batteries and the days of extension cords on the dance floor are behind us.

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