Wedding Horror Story: Nerves For Dinner

June 15, 2016 by Tony Barthel

Let’s face it, a lot of brides are really nervous about “the big day.” After all, it’s the largestWeddingHorror celebration most people ever take responsibility for and it’s a day they get to spend with all eyes on them. There are so many factors that go into a wedding day, it’s no wonder nerves get the better of some of these young ladies.

A DJ for whom I have a lot of respect told me of a wedding where nerves just got the better of the bride. Before she ever stepped into the church or the reception hall, she had fainted. It seems she wasn’t able to eat a thing the day of her wedding and the combination of nerves and lack of nutrition sent her to dream land.

The problem was so significant she also got the bonus of a trip to the hospital where they put an IV in her to get her blood sugar back up to normal. There she was on a gurney with her beautiful wedding dress and an IV in her arm.

Once the medicine and a little helper in the form of a relaxant took effect, she was finally feeling up to the challenge of facing her guests. The problem is, she had completely missed the church wedding time and three of the four hours of her wedding reception.
Fortunately many of her sympathetic guests had remained both in attendance and hopeful that she would join them and within an hours’ time most of the formalities of the reception had been crammed.

There might be a fine line between the way this bride handled her nerves and the way some others over-handle the nervousness with shots of booze. Maybe just one shot might have helped, or the relaxed attitude of the bride who knocked her cake over.

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