Wedding Horror Story: More Champagne Dreams

February 1, 2017 by Tony Barthel

There have been plenty of weddings throughout history where the bride was a young lady about to change her life. In fact, I’m sure the wedding I was working was by no means the first where the bride was legally too young to celebrate a toast to her new found bliss with an adult beverage.

In some cases an exception might be made for the young lady in the beautiful dress but liquor laws are strict and any venue that is able to serve alcohol might not be able to if it is discovered that they knowingly did so to someone who was under the legal drinking age. Pesky laws.WeddingHorror

So there I was near the beginning of my DJ career in the company of this young couple. They were quite proud because their names, or at least nicknames, were on the marquis outside the hotel in tribute to their new lives together.

All was going well and their youthful best man actually delivered a fairly decent toast considering that even driving was a new experience for him. As soon as the last word was uttered in this verbal tribute, the bride hoisted her champagne glass and immediately her experienced taste buds alerted her to the complete lack of alcohol in her sparkling apple cider.

She probably spit the beverage out while she bellowed the words, “this isn’t f**king champagne – I was promised to have f**king champagne on my f**king wedding.”

Ah, such lovely words from the lips of this beautiful young lady. Since I was the closest “professional” to her I became the subject of her rant.

“Where is someone from the f**king hotel – I want real, f**king champagne on my f**king wedding. Someone go get me my f**king champagne now!”

As we found out later, someone had taken several bottles of the f**king beverage while the staff wasn’t looking and they were later found out in the parking lot shattered on the ground, but that had no bearing on what was happening here.
Since I was right up front for this display as well as the person who had to duck when the glass was thrown across the floor, I went to see if the rules could be bent. But, as I already knew, there was no way and it had been clearly explained to this lady. Well, girl.

When I got back to explain this to her, she asked for the mic so she could repeat that word that her grandmother and the other guests must have so appreciated in her accusation that the hotel and its staff were a bunch of… well you can imagine.

Finally, this girl’s mother came to the rescue offering her champagne, which the girl gulped down. Apparently there must have been glue in that because it shut her up for the moment. But it only lasted a moment before Scooter’s new wife started up again, accusing the hotel of ruining her wedding, again at the top of her lungs.

I don’t know if she’s still married at this point, but the day was certainly

Unforgettable, which was her song of choice to dance with her father. I’m sure he was proud.

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