Wedding Horror Story: Is That Rain On Your Parade?

January 18, 2017 by Tony Barthel

My friends Lisa and Aubrey Miller in Arizona had a very an interesting story to tell about a particular wedding celebration. As DJs, one of the things we absolutely treasure is an ebullient group who just are positive and upbeat andWeddingHorror thoroughly enjoy the celebration. Every once in a while it seems that every single guest at a function is just on top of the world at the same time and really love celebrating that fact.

Such was the case at this particular wedding reception that Lisa describes as “possibly the best wedding reception we ever did.” No matter what was played or what happened, the audience gleefully responded by dancing like crazy and it seemed that every guest at this reception was on the dance floor at the same time.

As Lisa and Aubrey looked out over the guests crowding the dance floor, they were just thrilled at how things were going. The reception was in full force and despite the fact that an hour was left until it was scheduled to end, there would certainly be time added the way the audience was responding.

But suddenly it appeared as if somebody had dropped a bomb in the middle of the dance floor because the ocean of guests suddenly started moving away from the center and a large number of them had a look on their face that indicated that something had really disgusted them.

It didn’t take but a few moments for the large dance floor to clear of the tremendous number of guests on it and that’s when Aubrey noticed why the guests looked so disgusted. Someone had relieved themselves right in the middle of the dance floor.

Nope, not number one, either.

Now my thought has to go where the reader is likely thinking and that’s ‘how the heck could someone do that and not become the focus of vilification by the guests?’ There is no answer to that question to this day, unfortunately.

But what is known is that Aubrey went to the kitchen and, after notifying the staff of the situation, he was the one who ended up coming out with the mop and dust pan. Aubrey described the clean-up as arduous and one of the things that notified the guests of the special delivery was a horrible stench that came along with it which didn’t seem to disappear even after the offending mess was cleaned up.

Talk about a DJ going above and beyond the duty assigned. Maybe duty shouldn’t be the word I choose.

In fact, none of the guests would touch the dance floor after the incident so all that was left to do was play one last song – the last song – and dismiss the guests. Even that last song was played only after all the tables were moved and a special dance area was created. It seems none of the guests had any interest in stepping on the real dance floor. Maybe that’s because so many of them, particularly the ladies, had taken their shoes off and were dancing barefooted. Going back on the dance floor would be as appealing as walking through a dog park barefooted with blinders on.

Even though there’s no real evidence to connect the crime with the criminal, several people in the bar adjacent to the room where the reception was being held reported a crying bridesmaid running through the bar holding several napkins. While the circumstances surrounding the release aren’t known, we surmised that a young lady in a skirt who forgot her undies might have assumed that she might let a little poof slip which turned out to be more than she bargained for.

No matter what, it’s a crappy end to a wedding reception.

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