Wedding Horror Story: Family Fun For Everyone

March 1, 2017 by Tony Barthel

Every family has at least one member who may be the subject of a late-night news cast. It’s particularly unfortunate when that family member chooses a wedding celebration to create that newsworthy spectacle. From my side of the table, these events are particularly unfortunate when I like the bride and groom a lot and such was the case here.

I was warned in the planning meetings about one particular family member who probably wouldn’t show up but, if he did, he was not to be encouraged, paid attention to or served any alcohol. Apparently, the likelihood that this family member would even show up was slim so we needn’t worry.

As things progressed all was well. After dinner I did notice a new guest and didn’t try to provoke him, although I invited him to come and join a conga line that was happening. Still, our surprise attendee was well behaved and actually left a bit on the early side, so it would seem all was well.

After a very successful celebration I was packing my gear and noticed the police in the alley adjacent to the reception hall. I didn’t think much of it because we weren’t exactly in Beverly Hills but I was still surprised by the sheer number of police cars that had joined the convention.

As I found out later from the banquet hall, the trouble stemmed from this particular relative who had found alcohol from some source and imbibed heavily. He then went through the alley, smashing windows of all sorts and then found his way to the top of a parking structure where he was threatening to jump off and end it all right there.

Unfortunately, this kind of stand off was no way to end such a beautiful day and was particularly traumatic for the bride’s mother. This story has no moral or solution. It’s just unfortunate.

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