Wedding Horror Story: Burning Down The House

August 10, 2016 by Tony Barthel

Winter time is great for weddings, as I have mentioned. One of the things some WeddingHorrorvenues do is bunch up table linens to give somewhat of an appearance of snow. This really makes the buffet table look nice and adds to that winter flair.

At one venue the staff had done just this but weren’t careful when placing the lighted Sterno containers under the chafing dishes. This was one of those weddings where the bride and groom and everything else seemed to run way behind schedule so by the time the table linen caught on fire the 300 guests at this wedding were hungry enough to eat the tables, let alone the extremely lavish buffet that was prepared for them.

From my station across the room I noticed the fire immediately and all I could think was that someone should put it out. Being one to take action, I grabbed a huge flower vase filled with water and hustled over to the dance floor, which is where the buffet was positioned. However, the guests had a severe case of herd mentality and wouldn’t let me through the buffet line with my giant vase of water. It seems they thought I was trying to take cuts.

There I am, vase in hand knowing that their buffet was going to be blackened Cajun style if I didn’t get through and they wouldn’t let me past the line, saying that I had to wait my turn. Apparently, I was the only one who saw the fire. That’s when I pointed it out to them and they let me pass on through.

I doused the fire and the staff brought a replacement for the linen, but it was the worst case of herd mentality I’ve ever seen. And it was almost a fiery end to an otherwise uneventful wedding reception.

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