Wedding Horror Stories: Get Personal

August 31, 2016 by Randy Lehrman

Just when you thought it was safe to DJ a wedding…You hear about the horror stories, the crazy Youtube moments, and of course…”He said WHAT???!!!!!!”

Now, we’ll get to the ‘He said, she said’ in a moment.  First, I wanted to address how adding a little bit of extra detective work can avoid problems down the road.

You’ve probably asked a million questions of brides and grooms; mostly you’ve asked about music, timing, food, bouquet, etc.  But have you ever asked a wedding couple if everyone gets along???  Have you ever asked about who is toasting as opposed to just the names???  It might help to alleviate crazy things happening at an event if you get a little bit personal and get to know a couple and their wedding party more than just who is coming up to the mic.

We’ve all had our fair share of bridezillas as clients, but as long as we play the right music and get the crowd dancing all night, the ‘zilla never comes looking for us.  If you miss the signs, the ‘zilla goes wild!

Luckily, I wasn’t at the event I’m sharing this story about (it’s my main Wedding DJ, but let’s say I’ve seen the video.)  He goes to the event and from moment one, before the ceremony, he sends me a text saying the bride won’t take any pictures with the groomsman and, “This is gonna be a fun one.”  What bride refuses to take pictures with their new husband’s best friends??? A Zilla! I don’t worry too much about my DJ though; he’s done hundreds of weddings and knows the drill.  Let’s jump to the best man’s speech…

Best man gets up there and is apparently being stared down by the bride.  His best man speech consists of only things about the groom and then tosses out “Should you decide to ever get married a second time, I will be your best man again!”  With that the bride stands up and says, “You’re a ****ing ***hole!!!!” Then storms out of the room. The best man continues his speech which is actually more or less heartfelt at this point and the father of the bride comes up to us screaming to go up and take the mic out of his hands.  Now, I would love all of your opinions on the Facebook post of this article…but we did not rip the mic out of the guys hands.  In my opinion, it is not the DJ’s responsibility to take the mic from someone the bride/groom gave it to in the first place.

I had asked the bride at our pre-wedding meeting who is giving a speech and she gave the best man’s as one of those names.  Now, if she would have told us that the guy is a loose cannon, maybe we prepare for “something.”  So in the absence of that, we function as always.  We’re not there to cut people off, insult them about their speech, or go grab the mic from the drunk guy.

Needless to say, the bride left the room until the Best Man was kicked out, the groom was left stunned, and the DJ picked up the pieces and played great music and got guests dancing the rest of the night.

Back to the point, DJ Sherlocks—don’t just ask questions to feel out your timeline…Get to know your couple; understand a little more about the nuances of their relationship and about their friends.  It might just save you from being in the background of a Youtube moment you don’t want to ever see again.


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