Wedding DJ Marketing Tips Made Easy By Terry Lewis #16

October 26, 2018 by Terry Lewis

Cont. from last week…

Winners Think Differently, It’s Time To Reset Your Mindset 

Each day you live you are given another 86,400 seconds.

Think of a wedding professional in your industry whose success you would like to emulate. Get them really clear and focused in your mind. Now here’s the thing, that wedding professional is gifted with the same 86,400 seconds as you! The reason you are getting different results is due to the different ways you both use your 86,400 seconds.

I know what follows does not apply to you, but I have met, listened to and been dismayed by wedding professionals who point the finger at everyone else for their lack of success. They blame the universe for their current conditions and lazily hope the universe will one-day change course around them charting an easy route for their success. They complain “It’s alright for so and so, they’ve got X, Y and Z”… and on and on they go giving excuse after excuse as to why they cannot advance. They effectively tie the favourable circumstances of the successful to their own misfortunes, and as long as they hold that false link in their minds, they make it impossible to break free and improve their personal circumstances. They are paralysed by their own thoughts into thinking success will never happen. I don’t believe this to be a fallacy you hold, because you and I both know that it’s nothing to do with a person’s advantages of connections, education, the government, economy, money, family or any of the other excuses ‘victims’ give for not being where they want to be. Because for every person who had a privileged head-start in life and business, there is another person who made it against the odds. It is not our past nor outside influences that we have no control over that determine whether we succeed or fail; it’s the influences inside our heads, our core beliefs about our worth and who we believe we can become, and the type of action we take on a daily basis with the 86,400 seconds we are gifted with by God. The future is down to us… the future is down to you and me.

Step up and aim for the top. You have it within you to become the niche expert that brides and venues pursue whenever they think about your profession. Never settle on just being another player in your industry, you want to be the winner. Raise your bar way above the mediocrity of being beige. Reject doing the identical things the masses do in your field of expertise. The cream are different. The cream always rise to the top, and the cream always gets booked first. Believe in yourself, as I believe in you because in reading thus far, I know you want your time to be now. And whenever you begin to doubt you are ready, take inspiration from this quote from Hillel the Elder: 

“If not now, when? If not you, who?” 

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Are you a Manic Marketeer! I was a decade ago! Like most wedding professionals I thought if I’m going to get booked I have to be visible everywhere. I posted on Facebook and Twitter. I beat the bushes for clients at wedding fairs, I SEO’d my website, purchased leads from wedding directories. I was marketing like crazy! And was exhausted.

Today, other people send me leads on autopilot while I do other things. Find out how I do it here:

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Terry Lewis Biography 2009 I started my professional wedding DJ career. 2011 – 2014 I won 6 Best Wedding DJ Awards, including Best Wedding DJ in England. During this period I also became a preferred supplier at more than 50 venues from Mayfair in London to the suburbs. And had the honour of performing at international weddings. 2015 – Date I sit as a judge for the Wedding Industry Awards (the largest and most respected in the UK), and as a condition of accepting the role, I am no longer permitted to compete. 2015 I began my keynote speaking career at BPM Birmingham run by Mark Walsh & Eddie Short. Since then I have given motivational and educational talks at DJ associations such as NADJ and for leading Wedding Industry Networking groups. 2015 To facilitate my role as a mentor and coach, I launched a new company called Wedding Marketing Mastery, and created a world class 1-1 training program. It’s built from the ground up and designed to oversubscribe a wedding suppliers business at above average fees. 2016 I published my 1st book ’12 Habits of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers’ – Available on Amazon and read from London to Sydney. About my training I realised that to get above average results in the DJ and wedding industry, you need to help those you serve, get what they want to get. If you can do this in a remarkable way you will succeed in any endeavour. About me I am a father to four children and 2 step children. I am in love with my wonderful partner Julie whose support I could not do without. We love travel, entertainment and fine wines! I am also the co-founder of The GAAP Orphanage Foundation, our work helps orphans and abandoned children in Africa.

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