Wedding DJ Marketing Tips Made Easy By Terry Lewis #14

October 12, 2018 by Terry Lewis

Cont. from last week…

Social networking is an effective way to win new business and even though I personally place it at the base of my own marketing pyramid do not underestimate the new business to be gained by being a part of the social networking family. The potential revenues are enormous.


There are a plethora of ways to market your wedding business outside of the strategies I’ve suggested, but unless you have a large marketing department and a large budget, I recommend learning to master just a few that you can stay on top of. By way of summary, let me explain why I suggest you prioritise your pyramid (at least the top 4) in the same order to which I’ve stacked my own. 

4/5 Star Venues

Word of Mouth 

Parallel Industry Networking 

Same Industry Networking

Google: Organic & Paid 

Wedding Fayres 

Paid Leads from Directories 

Facebook Adverts 

Free Facebook Posts,  Twitter and LinkedIn

Of the 9 strategies I recommend, your ‘Golden Triangle pipelines will require the most laborious amount of work, take the most extended amount of time to harvest but when you eventually reap the rewards, these sources will deliver a lucrative income stream of low hanging fruit.

By focusing on your ‘Golden Triangle’ you can do the hard work once, then get valuable referrals for many years after. Laying these pipelines is passive marketing at its best. In this zone, you work smart not hard. I have networking relationships with a number of the best suppliers in the wedding industry. I am busy and no longer worry about where my next job will come from because of my Golden Triangle pipelines. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same, other than taking action.

‘Dragging buckets with one hit wonders’ 

The other strategies beneath the Golden Triangle work but serve up one hit wonders, meaning you will have to drag buckets by hustling them continuously. My advice is to use the one hit wonder strategies while building your business or during quiet times but your primary long-term marketing objective should be to structure a powerful Golden Triangle capable of sustaining you.

Final food for thought 

Wedding entrepreneurs who focus on the bottom of the marketing pyramid will always work harder for business than those who choose to capitalise on the riches at the top of the marketing pyramid. Which will you focus on? 

Don’t Allow Your Inbox to Boss You Around 

Before I got into effective work habits, I was addicted to distractions. I’d wake, check Facebook and emails then allow the notifications and messages to boss me around, reacting to whatever distraction the incoming email or post requested of me. I had no priorities for the day and was blown around like a leaf in the autumn wind by message after message. Can you relate to this? Thinking back if I worked that way during my corporate days, I’d have been fired! Do you need to fire yourself and re-hire a new you?

To be cont. next week…


Are you a Manic Marketeer! I was a decade ago! Like most wedding professionals I thought if I’m going to get booked I have to be visible everywhere. I posted on Facebook and Twitter. I beat the bushes for clients at wedding fairs, I SEO’d my website, purchased leads from wedding directories. I was marketing like crazy! And was exhausted.

Today, other people send me leads on autopilot while I do other things. Find out how I do it here:

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