Wedding DJ Marketing Tips Made Easy By Terry Lewis #13

October 5, 2018 by Terry Lewis

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The downside is your message is unlikely to be long and detailed so it can be difficult to convey all you wish to say. Used strategically with a click-through link to a landing page with more information, text messages are a super way to grab a couple’s attention and move them onto the next step towards booking you. 

Facebook adverts appear alongside posts from families and friends, but what’s most important to you is that Facebook is where your brides and grooms are hanging out right now, and it is no wonder wedding business owners are advertising on Facebook more and more to reach their potential customers with well- targeted adverts and copy that resonates with their niche market. For example, you can select to target: Females showing an engaged status, between the ages of 24 and 45 who live in a 50-mile radius of you. You can set daily limits that turn your advert off once your budget has depleted putting you in complete control of your spend. Use your advert to drive your target audience to a landing page on your website giving more information about your offer then guide them down to the next step in your sales funnel.

In other words, through carefully wordsmithed copy, you can position yourself directly in the crosshairs of your avatar on Facebook immediately.

The insider secret is in knowing how to craft your advert in such a powerfully compelling way that you alter the course of what your prospect intended to do – socialise, and pattern interrupt her to do what you want her to do – wedding planning, putting your services front of mind.

Facebook Advertising works. Some say it does not, what does not work are poorly written adverts that fail to engage with their target audience. If you have tried advertising on Facebook and failed, it was your advert, not Facebook. If you struggle, just send an email to, and I’ll point you in the right direction to getting better results. 

Marketing Pyramid Segment 9: 

Free Facebook Posts,  Twitter and LinkedIn

These social networking sites are excellent ways to show off the multi-facets of your personality and great for reminding people what you do. I recommend keeping your Facebook Personal Page mainly for your social life but make sure from time to time you remind friends and family what you do so they are aware of the wedding services you offer, allowing you to benefit from the odd word of mouth referral.

For regular posting about your company successes and activities, use your Facebook Business Page. Each time you work at a wedding, post pictures and comments about your work. If you have an exciting news release or had professional success, let your connections know about it. And whenever you receive glowing testimonials add it to your Page, so your tribe knows what past clients think about you. This builds confidence in your brand and provides independent social proof which trumps anything you may say about how wonderful you are. 

LinkedIn is mainly B2B. It is a powerful way to let other wedding creatives know what you do and is a definite source of new business or a way to rekindle old business contacts if used creatively. Let me give you 2 examples: Maria my contact at a lovely London venue moved on from resulting in work drying up because a new event manager came in with a new brush and picked a brand new team! I mentioned this to another supplier who worked there, who was also affected, he suggested using LinkedIn to track Maria down using her LinkedIn profile. We discovered she had joined a new prestigious venue and called, and after a catch-up, she introduced me to the wedding coordinator and with Maria’s endorsement, I was listed at the new venue as a preferred supplier. All because of the power of LinkedIn.

In another instance, I was contacted by a wedding coordinator at a beautiful 5-star venue near Covent Garden who discovered my LinkedIn profile. I was invited in for a meeting, and after a successful chat/interview, I was invited to become a preferred supplier. Without LinkedIn, it is unlikely that I would have got the listing.

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Are you a Manic Marketeer! I was a decade ago! Like most wedding professionals I thought if I’m going to get booked I have to be visible everywhere. I posted on Facebook and Twitter. I beat the bushes for clients at wedding fairs, I SEO’d my website, purchased leads from wedding directories. I was marketing like crazy! And was exhausted.

Today, other people send me leads on autopilot while I do other things. Find out how I do it here:

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