Wedding DJ Marketing Tips Made Easy By Terry Lewis #12

September 29, 2018 by Terry Lewis

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Insider tip: Always ask the directory salesperson if brides have to check a box saying they are still looking for the service you offer. Some data sellers do not pre-qualify what services the bride still needs and lump all their data together meaning you could potentially receive a ton of leads for brides wanting X while you specialist in Y, frustrating both parties.

What to do with the data you’ve bought? 

Follow-up, follow-up then follow-up again. Here are some options:


Impress prospects by mailing information or a sample purposefully designed to grab their attention, arouses excitement and compel your avatar to take the next step.

Advantages – Nowadays fewer suppliers post opting instead to use the internet, so you’ll stand out in a crowded market as prospects physically interact with the quality of your product. 

Disadvantages – Shipping costs will eat into profits, and post takes at least a day unless you use a same day courier which will add to costs.


Where you are along the business growth curve will be a factor as to whether you opt to post or not. Mature businesses with a healthy cash flow will find it easier to engage in postal communications more than startups who may need to watch their pennies.


An excellent all-around choice when combined with a CRM capable of sending out your pre-written email campaign automatically.

Advantages – Your message can be delivered in an instant, without the delivery costs associated with the postal method above. You can make frequent touches. The rule is anything you find yourself repeating from prospect to prospect should be automated. As previously mentioned if you buy a database of leads, using a CRM is the most efficient and cost-effective way to squeeze the maximum profits out of your monthly data. What’s more, your CRM will never ‘forget’ to send a touch out, and it will issue your messages timely, leaving you free to do other things. Some CRM’s like MailChimp and Constant Contact even give you useful open rate reports confirming the time, date and frequency as to when your messages were read.

Disadvantages – Eventually your autoresponder will get pushed beneath the fold under the weight of incoming messages arriving after yours, and you may become the victim of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ hence the importance of regular follow-ups.

Your emails may also end up in your prospects spam folder. That said, using a CRM is, without doubt, the best way to send these types of messages versus manual mailouts.

It is inevitable that your mail will compete for attention while surrounded by the noise of all the other messages flooding into your avatar’s inbox, hence the need for expertly wordsmithed copy to draw interest.


Underestimated and underused. 

You are more likely to get a response to a text message than email because the receiver takes more notice of a text alert than they do an email alert. And because text messages tend to be shorter, they can be viewed discreetly at work, making them easier to conceal from the bosses watchful eye. Text messages have a much higher deliverability rate and do not end up in spam folders. And because fewer marketers use text to communicate to brides, your message will have much less marketing noise around it, you will have more of your couple’s attention, and your text will stay visible longer, and not get pushed beneath the fold anywhere nearly as quickly as it will in an email account.

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Are you a Manic Marketeer! I was a decade ago! Like most wedding professionals I thought if I’m going to get booked I have to be visible everywhere. I posted on Facebook and Twitter. I beat the bushes for clients at wedding fairs, I SEO’d my website, purchased leads from wedding directories. I was marketing like crazy! And was exhausted.

Today, other people send me leads on autopilot while I do other things. Find out how I do it here:

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