Wedding Articles Are Often a Fountain of Misinformation

May 2, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

The internet allows everyone to be educated consumers. Before meeting you, your prospect is armed with questions to ask, has researched your competitors, and is likely to be influenced by articles they’ve read on wedding websites, blogs and in wedding magazines.

3978938250_9cb51c28dc_bUnfortunately, most wedding articles are a fountain of misinformation. The best authorities in the wedding industry are wedding professionals, boasting hands-on experience with the services they provide, as well as understand the real needs that wedding couples have on the day of their wedding (rather than what they think their needs are going to be).

Often times in an attempt to generate content, people that know very little about weddings will write articles about the industry, comprised of internet research and articles that have already been published. They’ll copy and repurpose the content to give them some fluff on their website.

For example, for many years in national magazines, it was said that invitations should be mailed 4-6 weeks before the wedding. That information is wrong and harmful to the planning process. Guests plan things in advance and may have vacations or scheduling conflicts. The real time that is practical is 6-10 weeks.  This allows wedding couples to factor in guests that are out-of–state or country and gives guests a better chance of being able to attend the wedding.  The wrongful information regarding only giving 4-6 weeks notice may have lead to the use of “Save The Date” cards that only surfaced in the last 10-15 years.

It is very important to know what you are up against and what information the couple is being fed. To best serve your DJ & entertainment business, it’s important for you to read what couples are reading so you can be prepared to correct the wrong information that can hurt the chances of you making a sale.

You can stage your own educational campaign by correcting misinformation through the use of  blogging and social media. This will make you a thought leader in the industry. Gain respect and authority in the industry by sharing the misinformation with everyone, including your competitors. Misinformation hurts the industry and all wedding professionals should be armed to correct it. If a client goes to a competitor of yours and they are told by the competitor the same thing you told them regarding the information they read about being wrong, that validates the point you are trying to get across, increases your credibility and can lead to you making a sale, all simply by doing the right thing for your prospect.

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