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February 29, 2012 by Arnoldo Offermann

My last piece, Grammar 101 for DJs, was based on common mistakes that I saw on various websites. This led to a couple of requests to discuss some awful website elements seen even today. Brace yourself, some of these items sound like they came form a 1990s Geocities website!


Oh dear God, why?!?! I would say at least 30% of DJ sites that I saw have some sort of moving GIF. Lose it. It’s cheesy, old, retro (not the good kind) and just plain awful. As a matter of fact, lose ANY GIF whatsoever. Should you need it because of a transparency, save it as a PNG. You don’t lose any colors this way.


Technically, all websites are under construction. Get rid of this. It’s very annoying when you want to read information and that annoying notice pops up. Rule of thumb: never create a link to a page until said page is created.


I’m not going there. I’m serious. You know your target market (you better), and so you (should) know where they will be visiting your site from. Our wedding site is quiet whereas our school site has music.


Seriously? No no no no. I’m writing an article on this on Mobile Beat Magazine. Stay tuned.


See above. Then slam your head against concrete. haha.


Colors mean things. Every fast food restaurant uses red and yellow because it creates a sense of urgency. This could be good in a page with a call to action; however, too much and you can create a frequent bounce rate. (Your clients click in and out of your site). Consider using blues, whites, browns, and earthy colors as these instill a sense of calm. Blue portrays honesty. Think about this when choosing ties to wear, too!


Saw a website with a picture of a Corvette (stock image from GM’s site), but NO DJ related photos. What the..? o.O


Make sure that your photos are legal for you to use. Don’t flood a site with tons of photos either, unless it’s a blog. Choose images that are eye-grabbing and show off what YOU do. Almost every website has a photo of a couple doing their first dance. Our site has a photo of the bride and groom fist pumping and screaming with 100 other guests. Guess which image will grab the couple’s attention?


…mouse swipe. Scrolling is OK, but unless it’s a blog, I shouldn’t have to continuously keep scrolling. Make your website as clear and concise as possible. This leads to….


Text should give info and have keywords. That’s it. Cut the fluff out. I saw one website that had over 1,000 words in one page. Why? No one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to read that.


It’s OK to talk about gear, but don’t list the recipe. Instead, talk about how your gear will enhance the event. Why are your wireless LED uplights better than wired halogens? Why is a good sound system important? What about the importance of a computer system with redundancy? We get good gear to keep our events top-notch, brag about it! At bridal shows, we set up our DJ console and the grooms always come over to play with it!


Please make sure EVERY link leads to an actual page, otherwise you’ll get penalized by Google!


Really? No. Stop it. STOP IT NOW. Buy a camera and learn to shoot or network with photographers. There is ZERO reason to use stock photography. This is even worse if its stock photos of an event. You are lying to your client about what you offer.

That’s it… for now. There may even be a part 2. Sadly enough, too many sites have the garbage I listed above. Check your website out and make sure it’s representing your company to the best of its ability. Remember that your website will give out more first impressions than you ever will!

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