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July 18, 2008 by Robert Starkey

t’s 2:05 AM here in Lake Havasu City, AZ as I sit in my usually messy office.   I just got done responding to a post from one of my Inner Circle Members (really – ask any of the 32 of them) on the topic of One member, Mr. William “Bill” Nash, writes about how uploading your videos to YouTube lightens the load on your server and saves you bandwidth….

Here are the commonly overlooked advantages to using YouTube

Free Video Player
When you upload your video to YouTube, you then are provided the embed code that you simply copy and paste right into your site. This browser is compatible with almost all internet browsers, as well as operating systems and PCs.  NOTE: If you use Google’s web accelerator on your system, you will not be able to watch YouTube videos, I found it to be a glitch in their system.  That sucks.

Purchased by Google
If they purchased YouTube, then they must have been doing something right…  once more though, Google is giving YouTube postings (yes, even the comments I’ve discovered) more weight as a link to your site, helping to increase your rankings in the search engines. This leads me into my next point —

When you upload a video, you are asked to give a description of the video. As I told Mr. Nash – be sincere with what you put into the description box. You want to entice the viewer to share with their friends and vote for the video.. but most importantly, tell them where to get more information. What does this mean?  Use your URL This includes the http://    and the    www.  Make it flow in there like it was professionally written, because if it looks like an advertisement, it will get treated like an advertisement.

So go… get going!   Go find a video of an event you recently did and upload it to you tube.  Start unleashing the true potential behind YouTube.      What?  You don’t have a video to upload? Find a couple of video’s, and start posting comments on them – but remember, don’t make it look like an AD.

BoNuS TiP : If you don’t have a video – you should.  In todays day-and-age of marketing, the more personal you can make your website the more consultations you’re going to make and the more money that is increased as the bottom line.  Most Digital Cameras have a record movie feature built right into them.  You can place it on the table in front of you and record a personalized welcome and introduction to your company from the privacy of your home or office, and then edit it for free within Window’s built in “MOVIE MAKER 2”, clipping out where you set the camera down and walked away to where you walked back and picked it up – all the garbage… deleted.
To your success!

Robert Starkey
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