We Want Salt Dreams, But Instead We Get Saffron by Jon Acuff

January 15, 2012 by Aaron Burger

On almost every table, in every restaurant in America, you will find something. Salt.


In almost every cupboard, in every 
home in America, you will find something. Salt. In every food 
court, in every mall in America, you will find something. Salt. 

Though wars were fought over it in the past, there’s no denying salt is now incredibly easy to get. It takes very little work to get salt. It’s not difficult to acquire.

Most of us want our dreams to be like salt. Quick. Easy. Simple. With very little work involved. I am the same way.

Recently, when my friend Darcie pointed out a section of my new book that needed more clarity, my first thought wasn’t “Hooray!” I get to rewrite those pages and make them better!” No, my first thought was, “I can’t do it! I’m out of words! You’re wrong! I don’t have to rewrite that part! This is too hard!Ó

I want the things I’m working on to be quick, easy and with very little work involved.

I want salt dreams.

Instead, I get saffron dreams, and those are very different.

Saffron is called the world’s most exotic spice. It is planted, picked and sorted by hand. It’s derived by pulling off the filaments of a crocus called Crocus Sativus. The crazy part? It takes 75,000 flowers to yield one pound of saffron. In other words, you have to hand pick 75,000 flowers to get one pound of saffron.

It is slow work. It is difficult work. The very thought of spending that much time for that little result seems ridiculous. But when you do, you end up with an incredibly powerful and rare spice.

A tiny pinch will color an entire pot of soup. A small amount will flavor an entire pound of rice. A microscopic amount can change an entire meal. You’ll never find saffron on every table of every restaurant. It will never be common. The best things aren’t.

And the best dreams are the same way. You will do hundreds of gigs before you get your “big break.” You will play 1,000 more after your “big break.” You will work late nights and early mornings for the chance to own your own business. You will play 100,000 songs for the hope of turning your DJ business into something bigger.

Along the way, you will have the chance to chase salt dreams or saffron dreams. Put 
the salt down. Always choose saffron. MB

MBLV17 keynote speaker Jon Acuff is the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of 
Quitter and Stuff Christians Like. He speaks to businesses, colleges and nonprofits 
across the country. He lives with his family in Nashville, TN. Read his blog at jonacuff.
com and follow him on Twitter @jonacuff. 

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