We vs. I

April 16, 2013 by Jason Weldon


Why do DJs (and other wedding professionals) who are a company of 1 (meaning they are the ones that do 99% of the events they work) like to use use “we” instead of “I”?

I know “we” makes your look bigger, more like a company. But I would think you would want to use the word “I” to your advantage. For example, “You are going to get me”, “we aren’t a huge company”, “you only deal with me”; would all be lines I would use to sell against some of the larger companies. I would not try and look like a bigger company, when I really am a small, intimate company.

Don’t try and be something you aren’t, when you have something the larger companies want… Personalized service! Take advantage of the fact that you can offer that true one-to-one personalized service by saying “I” instead of “We”.

I know that you want to display that depth to your prospect, but some of the best people in their fields are only them and they are very successful. So be proud that it is just you and let your prospects know why that is something that would be beneficial for them.

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