We call learn something from Jimmy Fallon

April 6, 2011 by Ric Hansen

Here is a guy who shows so much passion and emotion for every guest, musical artist, bit, contest. He makes it genuinely seem like what he’s introducing or promoting is the most incredible thing ever. It can’t be made up, it does have to be genuine. There are alot of great things about Jimmy Fallon “the entertainer”: He’s fun, funny, sings, acts, dances…the all around talented guy, but what makes him great, and his show successful, is his contagious zest for everything he does on the show.

We can all learn a little from that. Yes, you need to master your craft, perfect your art….but it is the energy, passion, and positive attitude that you approach your art with that sets you apart from the other guys. If you have not seen “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on NBC. take a look, I think you will agree. The love for what you do should be what sets you apart and connects you with your audience. Don’t just go through the motions… exude a passion for what you do, it’ll energize you at every performance and ignite the crowd. Give it a try, be “over the top” with excitement about what you do. You’ll like it.

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