We Are Your Friends or the worst DJ movie ever!

May 12, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro
We are Your Friends. Does it hurt or help our image as DJs?

We are Your Friends. Does it hurt or help our image as DJs?

Usually after a late gig I get home crash on the couch, flick through the channels and try to unwind. The other night I came across this movie “We are Your Friends” on HBO. The movie stars Zac Efron (Disney fame) as an aspiring DJ trying to escape his dead end life. The plot is pretty generic. A small town boy tries to make it big and along the way falls for the wrong girl, gets in trouble, loses everything and wins in the end.
As a regular person watching this movie, I would probably give it a solid “B-“. But I’m not a regular person, I’m a DJ and we over analyze any part of any movie with anything that even remotely relates to what we do. When I see any television show featuring a DJ in the background I almost break out my binoculars and see if he is really doing anything or if the equipment is really plugged in. Silly, right? I guarantee that most of you who are reading this are just as guilty of the same thing. It’s our nature.
The movie mostly focuses on being a night club and EDM DJ. One of the key things about this movie that jumped out at me is a line at the beginning. To be a successful DJ “You need a laptop, some talent and one good track”. That sums up what we do for the whole world. Where do people get their opinions about DJs and what we do? Talk about stereotypes! I literally fell off my couch. Even though it was 2am, I had to watch the whole movie.
We follow our DJ Hero Cole from roofer to nightclub DJ to a backyard party where an “older” DJ (like 32) here’s him spin and takes Cole under his wing. Our DJ hero gets the opportunity to do some bigger events and then works in the studio to create his golden ticket. A hit EDM track that will take him from the valley to stardom and his dream life. Along the way he loses his old friends, falls for his mentor’s girl and eventually creates his track and opens for a huge EDM music festival.
The movie does a good job of getting the gear right. In one nightclub scene DJ Cole was “mixing” on the new Pioneer XDJ-RX. Most of the other DJ scenes use modern gear like controllers, midis and newer mixing boards. In the end scene DJ Cole dramatically turns up the gain knobs and hits the buttons on the Koss pad. Meanwhile high end moving heads are sweeping the crowd, outside during the day. Weird. The movie itself was ok and I did get into the some of the characters. It’s really about how we are portrayed as DJs and entertainers. We all need to work together and show the public that we are educated, talented, passionate business owners. Does this movie help us or hurt us? You watch and decide.

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