Viva Las Vegas and Looking Forward to Seeing You In Vegas From Beth Standlee

January 18, 2011 by Mobile Beat

Viva Las Vegas and Looking Forward to Seeing You In Vegas From Beth Standlee

Sales Summitt with Beth Standlee

Beth Standlee is going to be one of the featured presenters as part of the main program schedule on Tuesday at MBLVXX.  But if you want even more sales training and are going to be in on Monday of the conference, consider signing up for the Sales Summit! The normal price to attend is $129 per person, but get $55 DOLLARS OFF with our coupon this week – making the price per person only $75! Sign up for the 1/2 day seminar and a featured sales training class for education at the show.

What to look forward to….Sales Training Basics – the CQPC of selling

You must Connect, Qualify, Present & Close every potential sale. We’ll give a quick overview in this class and you’ll see how to improve the way you approach your customers. You must have a strategy of how many people you need to see in order to have the sales you want to have. You’ll walk away from this class with a written goal so that you’ll know where you’re headed this year. Quit just taking the accidental sales that call in and start making sales happen on purpose.

Overcoming Objections – Sales: People are often discouraged when potential customers throw up roadblocks when it comes to making buying decisions. An objection feels like rejection. Attend this class and learn about how to handle the most common reasons people fail to buy your product.

If you wish to register for this sales summit please call Kitty at 515-986-3300 ext ZERO (Corrected Extension) by Friday – Only $75 For An Intense Session before the main part of MBLVXX starts up!

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