Virtual Song Requests: A Dream Come True

June 13, 2016 by Randy Lehrman

From aspiring DJs, with little to no experience to a seasoned vet, like myself, one thing a DJ has to deal with on a nightly basis is song requests.  Whether you laugh off the horrible ones, play the ones that you missed when you met with a client, or get pushed over by a massive crowd of 13 year-olds at a Bar-Mitzvah asking for a song that has barely dropped on radio–we all deal with requests.  (see Drake)

While I’ll rarely post on new software or updates to existing DJ tools, this plug in had me thinking and excited.

Virtual DJ, which usually by name, is considered farther down on the list than #1 Serato, has come out with it’s 8.2 version.  Sure, there’s a few updates to reliability, a custom pad for creating specific tools directly on your deck, and a couple of other goodies; the one feature that jumped out at me is the Ask The DJ feature.

Finally, without anyone at my booth, they can either tweet or go on the Virtual DJ url and type in a special keyword that you give to your audience before the start of the party.  It’s a great way to let the crowd know who you are, that you’re interactive, and that you WANT to play their song.

Now, you’re probably wondering where do these song requests go???  Virtual DJ sends all these songs, in order, to a virtual play list within Virtual DJ and if those are songs that you have, you can literally drag and drop them onto your decks…or if not, you can upgrade and get their “Content Unlimited” service which is similar to Apple music (without the headaches.)  You can literally have access to any song you want.

So, long gone are the days of the obnoxious drunken groomsmen who nearly knocks over your rig wanting Bavarian folk music.  Hand them a postcard or paper with your info and customized url for the night (or your linked twitter handle) and tell them to sit down and do it online.  For everyone else who is super social media savvy, loves technology, and wants to communicate directly with a DJ–this is a great option, hands down…and fingers tapping.

Virtual DJ 8.2 is a free download for Virtual DJ users with an active current license – but it’s still pre-release. To get the new version, go in the options in Virtual DJ, search for “EarlyAccessUpdates” and enable it to download the new update…The public update coming soon.

Dj mixes the track in the nightclub at party. In the background laser light show ** Note: Shallow depth of field

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