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April 13, 2017 by Randy Lehrman

Tons of DJs out there would say Serato is their go-to for all things Club-DJ and lots of Mitzvahs and Weddings.  This is the name!  But recently Virtual DJ has forged ahead with a few new features –last June and just this week something brand new.

In June, I wrote about Virtual DJ’s new software which integrated a new feature called ASK THE DJ which gave each paid member it’s own Virtual DJ website which allowed guests at that specific event the ability to send requests directly to a playlist on Virtual allowing that DJ to identify the person (for shoutouts) and pull the song from a play list and BOOM! Requested and played, giving the DJ to keep track of audience requests real-time without leaving the board.

Aside from the Virtual also has Content Unlimited which is their music streaming service which ranges from $9.99 a month for just music on up to $29.99 which might include Karaoke tracks and music videos.  Now, if you have a million digital downloads and have an amazing library this might be the way to go instead of downloading from PromoOnly or RPM every month.  Those services have become very difficult to pin down in terms of getting the hot new dance mixes or the newest songs right away for less than $50 a month.  So I use Content Unlimited along with my 80,000 song library and download whatever I want.  I would say they have 75% of the music I want; lots of dance mixes too.  But there’s lots of music that’s missing from Content Unlimited…That’s why today’s announcement was so exciting.

Virtual DJ has announced they have added Spotify and Pulselocker to their streaming options.  Spotify, even at another $9 a month will literally (along with Content Unlimited) give me everything I need in one program.  Just make sure you are a premium member of Spotify and have your whole Spotify library super organized and up to date and you’re good to go.  As for Pulselocker, I won’t jump on this bandwagon so fast.  Pulselocker is very limited on music for stuff we want to play at parties from what I can see.  The integration into Serato is much better, but again if the music is limited for parties, with more focus on independent artists this might not be ready for primetime.

 Final score: Open your Virtual DJ, if you have one.  Update to the newest version and add Spotify as a streaming option.  You will finally have all that you want in one-program.  Live streaming; quick and easy-all in one program.  Watch out Serato.

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