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June 30, 2009 by Michael Buonaccorso

DJs who remember the days of vinyl might find Verbatim’s Digital Vinyl CD-Rs a novel way for an added twist to those special occasions. The company has recently taken the traditional CD-R and given it a “new” look, with an “old” feel, with a standard burnable side, but a unique faux-vinyl side to replicate the look of a 45-rpm vinyl. The 80-minute/700 MB Digital Vinyl CD-Rs come in five different colors, combining a retro look with premium quality CD production technology. The presentation of that sales promotion, special wedding first dance or other commemorative tune never looked better!

Also, with so many mobile entertainers incorporating video aspects into their show, Verbatim now offers DigitalMovie Reel DVD-Rs.
Incorporating the same train of thought applied to the DVD, this product is idea for creating a distinct looking video disc for distribution.  The appearance of the disc was carefully designed to give a look of a miniature canister of film, right down to the sprocket holes that reveal a hint of textured film behind them, and ribbed edges that depict film within the “reel”. Truly unique in look, these discs utilize Verbatim’s proprietary Metal Azo recording dye for unsurpassed performance and reliability.

Finally, photo enthusiasts and those with large accumulations of images for constant applications, will surely find a use for the release of Verbatim’s PhotoSave DVD. This recordable DVD allows users to find and save photos with ease. When a disc with the PhotoSave DVD feature integrated software is inserted into the DVD-R drive, it launches automatically. Users can search and find the photos they want at the click of a button. Click on the record button and save all their memories in the PC and retrieve t  hem whenever they want. The manual mode allow for a search and save function to help burn photographs directly from a digital camera on to a PC. The useable capacity of 4.5GB allows the user to store as much as 2000 photos and has a long life. Its versatility offers users to find and save photos from a number of sources like camera, hard drive, memory card or a USB drive and it can recognize over 80 different photo file formats quickly. Cost effective, its manual mode allows users to add photo files to discs to full capacity.

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