Using Trivia for Post Prom Parties

June 25, 2015 by DigiGames

Prom Nights are big big business. Every summer across the globe young adult’s book limousines, hire Prom-Dancetuxedos and spend a fortune getting ready for what, at the time, is the biggest night of their lives. Months of planning, years of anticipation and weeks of excitement go into to a Prom Night. Sometimes people want the night to go on and on, and the post-prom night party occasion as grown over recent years into an event as important as the Prom itself. What you need to remember here is one simple thing….Prom nights are about fun. Only the minority see Prom night as a chance to get drunk and sneak off from beers and go wild. The majority of people just want a good time and as a trivia host you could provide that. After the stress of the planning and preparation that goes into Prom, the students just want to unwind and a good game of Trivia has been proven to provide just that…

But hold your horses a little. If you think a post-prom party trivia event is simple, easy work then you have another thing coming? If you are used to hosting general knowledge trivia with pen and paper then you need to start thinking outside of the box. The students will be sick to the back teeth of pens and paper and anything that feels like an exam will feel like the school years they are celebrating the end of. So you need to treat this trivia event as something unique….

The post-prom party trivia occasions needs to be fun, memorable and creative and with the modern technology available to use as a trivia host means you can give the customers what they want. This could fall into two camps….

You could be booked as a side attraction. Some post-prom parties are huge in massive venues and halls and there are often a lot going on…DJ’s, entertainers, magicians, people drawing caricatures.  So you may be one of many. This changes your approach. If you are stuck in the corner as an attraction then there are a few options. Firstly, you need quick, short and fun games, possibly with high energy and low brain power required.

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