Using LinkedIn to Grow Your DJ Business

December 20, 2016 by Brian Lawrence

LinkedIn is basically the Facebook for business and networking. While you shouldn’t expect to gain much exposure to brides, you can find new funnels of business, forge business relationships, and gain industry insights.

Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn to grow your DJ & entertainment business:

1)   Create your online resume. While a bride is most likely not going to seek you out on Linkedin, you never want to miss an opportunity. And besides, you never know who you can meet on LinkedIn that can grow your business.

2)   Find related wedding vendors in the area and connect with them. Find venues, photographers, bridal shops, and even florists that you can partner with. You can work with them to recommend their services to your clients and vice versa; it’s a win-win. And while you’re at it, join a few industry groups, like Wedding Industry Professionals. Make these outreaches known and use it to your advantage.

3)   Learn about industry trends and discover new products. You will find posts about companies launching new products, discussions on industry issues, and trends that can broaden your knowledge while inspiring new ideas and concepts to offer to your clients within wedding industry groups on LinkedIn. The more of a thought leader you are in the DJ & entertainment industry, the more likely a potential customer is to trust your insight and book you.

4)   Get opinions on your website and ideas. It’s almost like hiring a consultant; LinkedIn members who are qualified industry peers from all over the world are open to sharing honest feedback that can help grow your business. And don’t forget to return the favor; many people are opposed to working with companies in the same industry, but it can actually help you both grow and brainstorm ideas you otherwise wouldn’t contemplate.

5)   Post listings for job openings or sell equipment and products. LinkedIn makes it easy to gain exposure to a vast network. Whether you’re looking for an assistant or trying to sell your sound equipment, LinkedIn can help you find the right person.

It’s fairly easy to build a network on LinkedIn in a short amount of time. You can start by inviting your email contacts to connect on Linkedin and grow from there. It’s often easier to connect with people via LinkedIn rather than emailing them. And if you join several industry-related groups on LinkedIn, you have the topics and discussions emailed to you so that you’re in the loop with industry news and trends. If used correctly and efficiently in supplement to your additional marketing and networking strategies, it can be a strong tool to keep your business ahead of the game.

Brian Lawrence Brian Lawrence (28 Posts)

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