Upsell With Uplighting

December 28, 2016 by Jason Rubio

As 2016 comes to an end and we welcome 2017, you should always take the time to evaluate your business and find new ways to increase sales and profits. There are a number of ways to increase sales, such as having packages, offering optional upgrades, and many other ways. One of the easiest ways to increase your profits is to add uplighting to your packages/options. Uplighting looks great and is easy to set up, too.

For weddings and Quinceaneras, allow your couples (or guest of honor) to choose which color(s) they want. They’ll most likely want a color that matches their theme. For other events, you can inform your clients of which colors will look the best. You definitely should have a few great examples to show your clients, while offering the uplighting, so be sure to have several pictures on your website, social media, or at least in your phone, so they can see exactly how great their event will look! Everyone wants to wow their guests, and this is an easy way to do just that, while increasing your profit, too!

There are a variety of wired or wireless uplights that you can purchase; if you want to minimize setup time, use the LED uplights that do not need a DMX controller to change the colors. To further minimize set-up time, use wireless uplights, so you avoid having to find enough power outlets, bringing multiple extension cords, DMX cables, etc. The cost of uplighting really varies, depending on which lights you choose. Prices vary from as low as $30 per uplight, up to $200 per uplight. Which lights you choose will be based on your preference and budget.

If you can’t decide on which lights to purchase, or you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and buy eight or more uplights, there is a solution! You can always simply rent uplights! Find a local equipment rental shop or try RentMyWedding. It’s very convenient and cost-effective to rent them and it gives you a chance to try before you buy. RentMyWedding even offers free shipping, both ways! You can rent wired or wireless uplights, without having to spend a lot, and you can easily build the cost of your rental and time, into your price, so you still make a profit. Overall, add uplighting to your packages and you’ll definitely increase your profits!

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