Upgrading Your Biggest Add-On

September 12, 2016 by Mobile Beat

In talking to customers, I’ve noticed that uplighting— once a fringe request for weddings and other formal affairs—has reached full saturation and is on the top of brides’ minds when —it comes to decorating a dream reception space. After years of hard work to make uplighting officially a “thing” in our market, I imagined we were finally were going to have an easier time selling it.173-30-31

Well, I was wrong about that. What should be a high-profit upsell has quickly morphed into a freebie “thrown in” by some DJs who do not have the skills and technology to make it a truly added value (let alone the foresight to realize how profitable uplighting can be).

So, how do you differentiate yourself from your “I’ll throw in the uplights for free” competition and charge for something that many clients now expect to be included as a deal-sweetener? You have to look for and purchase the best equipment available, and also invest the time in making sure that you and your staff know how to use it properly. Then, you have to convince clients of the quality of your work when utilizing the equipment. That’s where my latest acquisition of uplighting comes in.


Of course I did know that in order to have the best lighting in my market, I needed to not only look at what others were using, but to also look at the national market and see where the trends were heading. I knew we needed rugged fixtures (more on that

later) and the ability to charge the units inside of rolling cases. I also knew we needed white for the most formal of events to blend into the backgrounds, as I have a personal distaste for lighting “shields.” Finally, I needed the ability to control the units from one central location easily (our staff has a phobia of new technology) …..

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