Understanding the Family Values of the Wireless Freedom™ Series

January 18, 2013 by CHAUVET DJ

Photo Credit: Smoov Music Sound & Lighting Services

-by Navah Berg, Marketing Manager for TRUSST®, VIP bags, CHAUVET® DJ VIP Rewards Program

Members of the same family typically share the same values. When it comes to lighting fixtures, the same analogy applies. For example, each fixture in the 100 percent wireless CHAUVET® DJ Freedom™ series shares the same set of values. Read on for the top five values and how they apply to the wireless Freedom™ series.

1. Belonging
It is important that each family member feels a sense of belonging. Being a cohesive family means you spend time together. The Freedom™ series functions together in master/slave mode, uses battery power to operate for up to 20 hours at events like weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and corporate events — coming together for special occasions and holidays where DJs or bands need lighting the most.

2. Flexibility
The more flexible your family is, the better. All of the fixtures in the Freedom™ series are flexible. You can charge them in their respective Freedom™ Charge cases and use the same case to securely transport them from gig to gig. Easily select color options and automated programs using the built-in LCD screen, or use the included IRC remote for a second form of wireless non-DMX control. Place them inside a stick of TRUSST® as a truss warmer without the hassle of running any cables. The adjustable head tilts to position light where you want it and accommodates nearly any application. If you incorporate a member of the Obey™ family of DMX controllers, particularly the Obey™ 4 D-Fi 2.4 wireless DMX controller, you can run an entire system around a ballroom and have wireless DMX control at your fingertips without ever having to run a single DMX cable.

3. Communication
Practice your ability to be understanding, and respect when someone tells you something. By connecting multiple Freedom™ fixtures together, you can create unique effects without the complications of individually addressing each fixture. Because these fixtures have the same values, they can speak, listen and work together. When operating in master/slave mode, the Freedom™ fixtures utilize their built-in transceiver. The main fixture (master) transmits the DMX signal to the other fixtures (slaves) to have a two-way dialogue.

4. Reliability
Be reliable. The Freedom™ series provides power, light and control without ever having to run a single cable, which saves a ton of time during setup. If you forget to charge your fixtures, you also have the option to plug them in. These compact, lightweight fixtures can be placed almost anywhere to light any section of the venue. Let’s face it, time is money in the mobile performer’s world — who wouldn’t want more of it?

5. Traditions
Traditions make a family unique. The Freedom™ series has always offered battery power and wireless control, and they always will. They work together to simplify the life of mobile entertainers while simultaneously setting the mood and enhancing any event. Best of all, the series is continuously evolving and adding new members, so there is always something new and exciting to look forward to.


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