U Can’t Do It All – Delegate or Die

December 8, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

As we grow I see that I can’t do it all. As a new entertainer with your first system going after a small or limited arena of business, you can handle the many duties of running your business. But as you add system, planning meetings, equipment prepping, selling, marketing, social media, maintenance, music updating, etc; you quickly discover you can’t do it alone!

We started by hiring part time positions. First in the warehouse & then in our office. Adding staff to handle specific duties & allow them to grow into other responsibilities is what we are shooting for in each case.

The secret is taking the time to show, explain & watch them as you delegate specific tasks. Sounds easy but the time that you use to train, you could have already accomplished the task. Patience is key.Delegate

Assigning the task, train how you want it done, assign a deadline (or expected completion) & determines how you are going to measure their success can be a big project.

Adding some younger staff into the mix can create energy & new found charisma. Their ability to attack a project & take ownership is infectious. Some lively youth mojo maybe just what your company needs?

Delegating the tasks that you can’t handle can open up doors that you can’t even see because your eyes are clouded with the immediate tasks that need your attention. We call it putting the right people (staff) in the right seat on the bus. Not everyone can drive, navigate, sell, prepare, create, etc but once you have those seats (roles) filled, the bus accelerates down the highway faster to your goals!

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