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January 1, 2013 by Aaron Burger

The Weather System by Blizzard Lighting is an LED bar-format light similar to those put out by many other lighting companies over the last four years or so. However, Blizzard has changed things up nicely with, instead of four flat heads mounted to the bar, this system has eight fixtures that are much brighter than those found in first-generation LED bars.
Where in the old days you would have had four PAR 64 cans on a tripod with a dimmer pack or chase controller, the Weather System replaces the four cans with eight LED fixtures, plus a controller right in the t-bar of the tripod. This unit really shows how LEDs can really hold their own when it comes to simply brightening up an area.
The heads mounted on the bar are newer 3w tri-color LEDs and will nicely illuminate an entire dance floor all by itself, for receptions or smaller school dances. But I would recommend teaming this unit up with an effects light that has motion and some sort of slower mirror ball type effect. The Weather System by itself has plenty of built-in programs, sound-activation, and of course can be addressed with DMX or hooked into a master/ slave setup.
In my testing, after removing it from its convenient guitar case-style carrying bag, I was able to quickly mount it to the included tripod. A foot control unit plugs in via a convenient 1/4″ jack on the back (unlike other units with four-pin connectors).


The foot control unit provide four modes, in contrast to past units that had only three (autorun, sound-active, freeze and blackout), and was very easy to use.
You can get an idea of what the Weather System can do at the Blizzard site, or be among the first DJs to check this light out in person at MBLV17 in February 2013! MB
Neo-Neon (Neo-Entertainment), a big name in the international entertainment lighting industry, is prepping for a blitz on the US market, through their American Lighting brand. While they do have many of the same kinds lights that you will find with other manufacturers, I found some unique in their catalog that will definitely be of interest to DJs.
The Neo Flash 300 offers a different approach to the strobe light concept, with six strobing zones covering the 180″ of the unit’s surface. The zones allow the strobes to move in quite a unique way. You do
have to pay for this
extra functionality
(it has a street
price around $600),
but if strobes are
a big part of your
lighting excitement,
this might be just
the ticket for raising
your wow factor.
(Three-zone and
single-zone versions
are also available.)
With DMX control,
plus built in auto,
and master/slave options, this strobe adds a few levels of excitement to the typical strobe experience. A light to be seen without a doubt. Pictures don’t do it justice, but you can see it in action at
Another unique piece that Neo-Entertainment sent me to look at is the LED Gemini 36T. In this case, the surprising approach is having LEDs on both sides of the unit’s moving head (18 on each side, for a total of 36 tricolor LEDs). The light has major tilt and infinite pan possibilities. Control once again is DMX, auto, sound-active, and master/slave. With 18 bright LEDs on each side, this light’s motion really stood out from my other moving heads. While you would need to have two or four of these to make a strong impact on a light show, if mounted nice and high programmed well, the effect would be massive. (Action footage at For other pieces from Neo-Entertainment check out their website and their YouTube channel at user/NEONEONLIGHTING. MB

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