“Two Decks in One” Spinning Style DN-HS5500

April 23, 2008 by Mobile Beat

— “Two Decks in One” Spinning Style DN-HS5500 Features Independent Dual Deck-Like Operation,
with Separate Audio Outputs, USB and MIDI Control and More –
Anaheim, CA, January 17, 2008 – Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of reliable, premium-grade DJ
equipment, will debut its new Model DN-HS5500 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player &
Controller at NAMM 2008, a groundbreaking portable DJ instrument that provides working DJs with a
host of leading-edge features and enhanced creative flexibility. The DN-HS5500 literally gives users
“two decks in one,” offering independent dual deck-like operation, with separate audio outputs from
decks 1 and 2.
“Two Decks in One” Provides Twice the Creative DJ Power
Key to the DN-HS5500’s breakthrough flexibility and utility is that it literally doubles the capabilities
and creative options of a single-deck unit by offering DJs an elegant single component solution, with the
power to easily operate decks #1 and #2 simultaneously with the flip of a button. Each of the DNHS5500′
s two decks provides full access to all available features as well as all connected outboard
devices and music library. Another key advancement is that when used as a MIDI controller each of the
DN-HS5500’s two decks can fully control two players from a DJ’s favorite software, such as
PCDJ/Reflex LE, Serato Scratch LIVE, Traktor, Virtual DJ, etc.
Tomorrow’s DJ Technology Today: The Breakthrough Modular HDD/CD Option!
Another of the DN-HS5500’s industry-leading characteristics is its breakthrough Modular HDD/CD
Option. With this powerful and unique design, DJ’s now have full control over their internal hardware
preference by choosing the Denon optional (BU5501) Slim-type CD-ROM drive or a standard PATAtype
2.5″ laptop size Hard Drive as the secured “internal” source playback. When coupled with the DNHS5500′
s cutting-edge 2-deck capability, DJs now have access to a host of heretofore unimagined
media advantages.
Built-in USB Audio Internal 24-Bit Processing adds to the advanced performance capabilities of the
DN-HS5500, which encompasses its own USB audio interface (sound card), eliminating the hassle of
sourcing one – and spending additional money. In addition, thanks to a special D-Sync function, users
can add even more creative power by linking two DN-HS5500 players together via a single RJ45 crosscable
(not included) for MASTER/REMOTE operation. This easy operation enables the DJ to make all
peripheral connections to a single player while having full control of music devices from either side.
Noted Denon DJ Brand Manager Silvio Zeppieri: “Denon DJ is 100% committed to giving working DJs
the tools they need to succeed and express themselves creatively, and our new DN-HS5500
demonstrates why we are the company that DJs turn to when they want the most innovative and reliable
solutions they need to express themselves and expand their creative horizons. Many other competitive
systems available on the market today would require two separate players to perform what the DNHS5500
offers in an affordable single-component solution. This single breakthrough device offers a host
of innovative, easy-to-use features and capabilities that truly open up new realms of creative possibilities
for DJs to explore.”
Innovative “Spinning” Turntable Style MIDI Controller with Control of DJ Software
The innovative Denon DN-HS5500 is a “spinning” turntable style MIDI Controller with Sound Card
that gives users the advanced capability of controlling various DJ MAC/PC application software. In
addition to its ability to interface and control external Hard drives, iPods and other connected music
devices, it offers an extensive palette of special effects and features. Most notably, DJs have access to
three separate platter effects, including Brake (adjustable in real time), Dump (reverse sound without
losing true forward time, like a radio edit), and Reverse, which plays your music backwards as the
platter spins backwards. In addition, DJs have access to 5 superb built-in DSP effects, making it easy to
build the mood on the dance floor. DJs can easily activate and have access to full parameter adjustments
with a unique Dry/Wet mix control of the effects, including Flanger, Filter (High-Mid-Low), Echo, Tail
Echo and amazing Echo Loop.
Another useful function is Denon DJ’s exclusive “Mirror Mix” feature, which is like having two copies
of the same track while juggling the mixer’s crossfader back and forth with the other track being slightly
delayed. Delays are adjustable from 1/8, ¼, ½. 1/1, and 2/1. In addition, the unit’s Play List Creation and
Hot List: function lets you cerate, edit and save up to 3 different types of Playlist categories. Other
features include an advanced support for three types of keyboard, Intuitive File Navigation, Pitch Range
and Deep Pitch Resolution and more.
The Denon DN-HS5500 is expected to be available in early February for a manufacturer’s suggested
retail price of $1,299.99
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