Turning the Key on Quality Uplighting

September 13, 2016 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

I’d like to shed some LIGHT on this cool new fixture called the MobilePar Hex 4 made by ColorKey Creative Lighting. It’s the next generation of battery-powered, wireless DMX LED PAR lighting.173-32-33

The MobilePar HEX 4 is a compact fixture. The chassis comes in white and black with four impressively vibrant 12-watt RGBAW+UV LEDs—that’s red, green, blue, amber, white, and ultraviolet under each lens. The other palette of colors that this fixture can easily produce are clean ambers, yellows, whites, deep purples—even pastels are possible. The angle on the beam is 30°, which offers a nice wash where the beam sticks to the wall and is seen on the ceiling. These colors are rich and vibrant with UV being the newest color on the palette. In fact, I decided to do an unofficial, less than scientific “test.” which was a fade into the UV light to see if lint would show up on black cloth. My unofficial approach to testing the quality of the UV light’s intensity resulted in me giving it “two thumbs up!”

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