Turn Your Clients’ Smartphones into Midweek Money! by Rob Johnson

March 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

Many of the things I write about in this space require an entertainer to make a substantial mb148_026investment to add something to their list of services offered and money makers. However, the latest and greatest thing I am getting involved with allows me to utilize something that almost everyone already has with them: their smartphone. I have three teenagers and they LIVE on their smartphones.

Everywhere you look now days people are using them. I am not sure that most people could actually survive anymore without their phones.

For quite some time I have been doing routines with cell phones. I have done scavenger hunts where people have to get pictures of certain items I provide them with in list form. I have done texting games where kids (and others) can use their phones to text me either trivia answers or requests. Most of these uses have been very informal and kind of made up on the fly. But thanks to a new program created by DigiGames called QandATime, I can now streamline the process and utilize my participants’ phones to a whole new level.

Mobile Beat show attendees were recently blown away by all the features and options packed into QandATime. I don’t want to turn this into commercial for QandATime or DigiGames, but if you want to check it out either go to www.digigames.com or www.qandatime.com and take a look.
What I want to do is give you some tips on how you can utilize this new technology to increase your bottom line. Anywhere people are looking to have fun is a great start. I still believe that trivia contests and game shows are some of the best and funnest ways to make money.

Think about your specific market. How many game show hosts are there? Not many I bet. Lots of DJs and karaoke. Photo booths have cropped up everywhere. But live game shows and trivia are still fairly uncommon. That is a good thing. More business for you! Scavenger hunts are a blast. For weddings, add bridal trivia and Family Feud to the list. People of all ages love to participate. People really love to compete and WIN prizes. It really doesn’t matter what the prize is…people just like to win.
With the RIGHT clients you can have a blast and set yourself apart from your competition. I know it’s not for every bride; MOST of my brides aren’t interested either. But the ones who ARE interested, LOVE it.

Corporate events are still where the big money is for me. Use QandATime to “warm up the crowd” with a pre-event trivia contest or scavenger hunt. Get them thinking about how much fun they will have at their event before they even get there.

When it comes to school events, it’s a no-brainer. We all know kids love their phones. QandATime can turn every students’ most important personal possession into a group game. Imagine not being limited by the number of “buzzers” or “podiums.” The potential is amazing.

Check out these other incredible possibilities:
• Parks and Recreation Departments – You can create city-wide scavenger hunts; your name is out there for EVERYONE to see. Easter Egg Hunts – Feature clues to find the hidden prize.
Endless options.
• Fundraisers – Use the program for bidding or to give clues on how to win the big prizes.
• Churches – Make the weekly Bible study more interactive and technologically advanced to get people interested.
• Bar and Nightclub events – Bars are always looking for something new to bring people in. Do bar trivia on the patrons’ smartphones. No equipment to hand out. Nothing of yours to break.  Just use the technology everyone is already carrying with them… and have a lot of fun.

I really believe this new program will change the scope of trivia and game shows. Check it out and see if it is for you. Low investment. Low maintenance. High profit and lots of fun. A winning combination every time.

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