Trusst-Worthy Arcs

November 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

mb152_022TRUSST®, has added three different truss arcs to its collection of easy-to-use truss pieces and accessories. Manufactured from lightweight, high-grade aluminum for easy transport and setup, the truss arcs are crafted by SLV- certified welders and available in three sizes: 3-meter with a 90o arc (CT290-430CIR-90), 2-meter with a 90o arc (CT290-420CIR-90) and 1.5 meter with a 180o arc (CT290- 415CIR-180). Each arc includes connecting hardware and is compatible with many TRUSST accessories enabling many custom design options, including circles, half-circles, arches, serpentines and any other design conceivable. Find out more on the web.

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