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July 9, 2013 by Mobile Beat

mb150_114Sometimes you find a product that fits a niche perfectly that hasn’t been served as well for a while; it’s exactly what you needed. Over the years I have “graduated” from big tripods with T-bars and multiple arms that can hold four PAR can lights and three or four effect lights, to ladder-style trussing that is supported by two of those same lighting tripods, and then have jumped up to the full-sized one-foot-square truss offered by several companies in the DJ industry, including Chauvet. But I haven’t found anything well-placed between those last two levels, until now.

The TRUSST® Arch Kit is a 35mm truss system, which provides a middle ground between commonly used 50mm and 15mm truss systems, and it is exactly what many DJs need. This truss is perfect for hanging and mounting six to twelve LED lighting effects well above the DJ stand at an average school dance. While I’m not a

fan of trussing or any heavy lighting at wedding receptions, for those DJs who do use it, this would be a good alternative to using full sized trussing. The system will hold up to 660 lbs. when evenly distributed; I’ve only needed about 100 pounds of traditional lighting to fully cover the gigs where I’ve used this system.

Another great capacity of the TRUSST Arch Kit is that it can also be set up easily by just one person, without the need for a spotter, or even a hammer. Disassembly after the gig is even quicker. It comes with pre-labeled connections for its intended arch configuration and quick release pins that go into all of the connections, except the connection from the base pieces with the primary uprights. It is worth noting that this size of trussing requires different clamps than most tripods or larger truss systems. Chauvet offers the CLP-35HC to fill this need.

I would definitely recommend investing in the CHS-Arch VIP gear bag that is sold separately, to take care of the truss system. Although the Arch Kit is rugged, it still needs some protection to preserve its beautiful finish during transport.

More information on this truss system and its cousin the Goal Post Kit can be found at the TRUSST website.

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