TRUSST Introduces New CT Clamp For Rigging Lights And Audio Gear Inside Tents

November 10, 2014 by Mobile Beat

CT-TentSUNRISE, FL – Now it’s safer, easier and quicker than ever to hang lighting fixtures, audio gear and decorative elements inside tents at outdoor events. The new TRUSST CT-Tent Clamp attaches firmly to the slots on clear span tent Keder beams, so items can be suspended from it securely without requiring extra trussing.

“We introduced the CT clamp because big outdoor tents are being used at more weddings, festivals, concerts and other events,” said Kenny Miller, TRUSST Product Marketing Manager. “Rigging large gear in these tents can often be a challenge. Our new CT product offers a safe and practical alternative to the multi-piece handmade clamps that people struggled with in the past when hanging items in a tent.”

With a load capacity of 330 pounds (150 kg), the TRUSST CT-Tent Clamp can safely support a very wide range of audio and lighting equipment as well as most other items. The new clamp also has a welded eye bolt that makes attaching loads easy with standard rigging hardware. Durably constructed, the clamp features zinc-plated steel that resists rust and corrosion.

Compact and easy to transport, the CT-Tent Clamp weighs only 3.2 pounds (1.5 kg) and measures 5.87 x 6.25 x 4.25 inches (150 x 158 x 107 mm). “The clamps won’t take up much space in a truck or on a tent’s beam,” said Miller. “What they will do though is make a very big difference in terms of convenience and safety at outdoor tent events.”

TRUSST is a trussing manufacturer and a brand of Chauvet, specializing in efficient and economical trussing and related components, such as corners, base plates, connectors and accessories. Built for convenience and ease of use, TRUSST has modular components that combine to create nearly limitless configurations for the mobile performer and corporate events. For more information, please visit:

About Chauvet
Chauvet, headquartered in the USA, is a leading global manufacturer of professional luminaires, truss and related equipment, fulfilling the needs of various industry sectors. Chauvet has four main brands: CHAUVET® DJ, CHAUVET® Professional, ILUMINARC® and TRUSST®. They share Chauvet’s unified strategy to pursue every market segment where it has a competitive advantage in terms of value, innovation and performance, with an emphasis on LED technology. For more information, please visit

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