Trivia Tip: Interview Your Players Before Starting a Trivia Show

August 15, 2015 by Mobile Beat

Build-Rapport“Build a rapport, entertain and keep the players (and audience engaged) by carrying out an effective interview with your players prior to the show”

Over the past month or so we have been delving into the wide world of trivia discussing every matter from promotion to questions to getting booked, all of which I hope has helped you develop your trivia business more and attract more customs. Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming subjects including more advice on selling yourself and ideas on controlling cheating.

But today we are going to look at a different subject altogether and that is the importance of conducting an interview with your players before starting a trivia show. Now, it goes without saying that what we are going to talking about here is more to do with when a “show” or “event” is being hosted rather than just standard pub trivia so please consider that.

Interview Your Players Before Starting a Trivia Show – The Reasons

Any trivia show depends on the contestants being involved and wanting to be involved.  That goes without saying really – no contestants = no show. But you also need to engage the audience so let us look at the two main reasons for interviewing a player prior to the show starting –

Making it fun to play
Above all else, anyone sitting watching the show should feel like they “want” to take part and building a good rapport with customers and players will certainly help you achieve this. If the conversation on stage is funny, interesting and personal then people are going to WANT to play. If it is cold, pointless and meaningless it will put them off.

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