Trivia Games Where Cheating is Allowed

April 25, 2016 by Mobile Beat

“Cheating in trivia is the bane of every trivia hosts life, but allowing it to be incorporated into your trivia nights could open the door to a more enjoyable night”

Welcome back to the blog. I had a great response to yesterdays post about the pitfalls of trivia and today’s entry ties in with that post to some extent as we are going to look at one of the ultimate pitfalls of trivia nights and that is cheating. That very word sends a shudder down the spine of the modern trivia host buts its something you need to deal with and think about on a constant basis.

But rather than another extended rant of why cheats ruin quizzes and why they should be outlawed under all circumstances, today we are going to come at the issues of cheats in pub trivia from a different angle. How to incorporate cheating into your night to add to the experience.

Trivia Games Where Cheating is Allowed – The dilemma?

Now, before we start, some of the tips I am going to give you in this post are ones I have rarely used and ones I would not want to use again under ideal circumstances. My personal opinion is to bar all cheats, void their score and have a player win who has had a genuine score with a genuine team….

However, your dilemma is very simple and the simplicity of the dilemma is the factor the cause of the issues. You are paid to run a trivia night that attracts people and gets them buying drinks at the bar etc…..barring cheats, voiding their score and eliminating them from play means you are effectively not doing your job. A team of 10 are in your pub, buying $40 of drinks per round, regulars, and you see them cheating? Are you going to ban them? What will the pub owner say if that team of 10 decide they don’t like being called on cheating and go elsewhere?

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